Time, date, and timezone info

Now Free


Get the current time

Request payload

location string

optional location, otherwise returns UTC


localtime string

the current time as HH:MM:SS

location string

the location as Europe/London

timestamp string

timestamp as 2006-01-02T15:04:05.999999999Z07:00

timezone string

the timezone as BST

unix number

the unix timestamp

Zone Free


Get the timezone info for a specific location

Request payload

location string

location to lookup e.g postcode, city, ip address


abbreviation string

the abbreviated code e.g BST

country string

country of the timezone

dst boolean

is daylight savings

latitude number

e.g 51.42

localtime string

the local time

location string

location requested

longitude number

e.g -0.37

region string

region of timezone

timezone string

the timezone e.g Europe/London