Simple database service


The DB service is an easy to use database which provides persistent storage via a CRUD interface. It includes feature rich querying and JSON based formatted records for native use in Node.js and or any language. Powering the backend of your apps from anywhere in the world.

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EndpointDescriptionPricing (per request)
CountCount records in a tableFree
CreateCreate a record in the database. Optionally include an "id" field otherwise it's set automatically.Free
DeleteDelete a record in the database by id.Free
Drop TableDrop a table in the DBFree
List TablesList tables in the DBFree
ReadRead data from a table. Lookup can be by ID or via querying any field in the record.Free
Rename TableRename a tableFree
TruncateTruncate the records in a tableFree
UpdateUpdate a record in the database. Include an "id" in the record to update.Free


Please see an example of how to get started with the db api.

For a more detailed view please see the API page

Count Request


2    "count": 31