Infinite cloud storage


Space for simple object storage. Put anything in the cloud forever. Objects can be public (readable by all via a public URL) or private.

Powered by S3 compatible storage API.

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EndpointDescriptionPricing (per request)
CreateCreate an object. Returns error if object with this name already exists. Max object size of 10MB, see Upload endpoint for larger objects. If you want to update an existing object use the `Update` endpointFree
DeleteDelete an object from spaceFree
DownloadDownload an object via a presigned urlFree
HeadRetrieve meta information about an objectFree
ListList the objects in spaceFree
ReadRead an object in spaceFree
UpdateUpdate an object. If an object with this name does not exist, creates a new one.Free
UploadUpload a large object (> 10MB). Returns a time limited presigned URL to be used for uploading the objectFree


Please see an example of how to get started with the space api.

For a more detailed view please see the API page

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