Authenticate and manage users


The user service provides user account management and authentication. It includes the ability to send verification and password reset emails.



Create a new user account. The email address and username for the account must be unique.


Delete an account by id


List all users. Returns a paged list of results


Login using username or email. The response will return a new session for successful login, 401 in the case of login failure and 500 for any other error


Logout a user account

Logout All

Logout of all user's sessions


Read an account by id, username or email. Only one need to be specified.

Read Session

Read a session by the session id. In the event it has expired or is not found and error is returned.

Reset Password

Reset password with the code sent by the "SendPasswordResetEmail" endpoint.

Send Magic Link

Login using email only - Passwordless

Send Password Reset Email

Send an email with a verification code to reset password. Call "ResetPassword" endpoint once user provides the code.

Send Verification Email

Send a verification email to a user.


Update the account username or email

Update Password

Update the account password

Verify Email

Verify the email address of an account from a token sent in an email to the user.

Verify Token

Check whether the token attached to MagicLink is valid or not. Ideally, you need to call this endpoint from your http request handler that handles the endpoint which is specified in the SendMagicLink request.


Create Request