EV Chargers

Find electric vehicle (EV) chargers wherever you go


This is the E(lectric) V(ehicle) chargers API. Search for EV chargers using

  • location and distance
  • bounding box

and filter the results based on connection type, operator, and more.

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Use the ReferenceData endpoint to retrieve core reference data which is used in conjunction with the main Search endpoint.

Use this API from your app with the Bubble plugin.

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EndpointDescriptionPricing (per request)
Reference DataRetrieve reference data as used by this API and in conjunction with the Search endpointFree
SearchSearch by giving a coordinate and a max distance, or bounding box and optional filtersFree


Please see an example of how to get started with the evchargers api.

For a more detailed view please see the API page

Reference Data Request


2    "charger_types": [],
3    "connection_types": [],
4    "current_types": [],
5    "countries": [],
6    "data_providers": [],
7    "operators": [],
8    "status_types": [],
9    "submission_status_types": [],
10    "usage_types": [],
11    "user_comment_types": [],
12    "checkin_status_types": []