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M3O is a new platform for cloud services development. Hosting the popular open source project Micro. From source to running in just ten commands. Going from local development to production has never been simpler.

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Key Features

M3O is a cloud platform for Micro services development.
Including everything you need to quickly build and scale services.


Define access rules, manage user accounts and create auth tokens for all your services and APIs

Configuration Management

Dynamic config loaded at runtime plus hot reload support without restarting services

Key-Value Storage

Persistent key-value storage as a first class citizen so you can build stateless microservices

API Gateway

A single public HTTP entrypoint for your services. Build microservices on the backend and consolidate as a single API for the frontend

Service Discovery

Microservices are a first class citizen on the platform. Discover, call and reuse each service as a building block for the next

Event Streaming

Build event driven architectures using pubsub messaging. Publish, subscribe and track every event you need

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Get Started in Minutes

From source to running in just ten commands

# Install the micro binary
curl -fsSL | /bin/bash

# Set the env to platform (paid) or dev (free)
micro env set platform

# Signup before getting started
micro signup

# Create a new service (follow the instructions and push to Github)
micro new helloworld

# Deploy the service from github
micro run

# Check the service status
micro status

# Query the logs
micro logs helloworld

# Call the service
micro helloworld --name=Alice

# Get your namespace
NAMESPACE=$(micro user namespace)

# Curl it via the public http API (use for dev env)
curl "https://$"

For more info see or join #m3o-support on slack for help.

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