Your new API Backend. Built for the Jamstack

Become 10x more productive. Ship the backend for your frontend without managing the infrastructure.

Explore and one click deploy reusable real world Micro Services.

Micro Platform

A cloud platform for API driven development

Why we need a new
cloud platform

Writing sofware for the cloud has become too complex. Teams and individuals should feel empowered to build software at an accelerated pace without friction or limitations, to create the future of technology we all want and need.

The Micro Platform is a new cloud platform for API driven development. A fully managed service which enables developers to focus on building products rather than managing infrastructure.

Built for developers by developers. To learn more head on over to the docs.

Get Started in Minutes

Write services locally, run them in the cloud.
No ops necessary.

Key Features

Everything you need to quickly build and scale APIs


Define access rules, manage user accounts and create auth tokens for all your services and APIs

Configuration Management

Dynamic config loaded at runtime plus hot reload support without restarting services

Key-Value Storage

Persistent key-value storage as a first class citizen so you can build stateless microservices

API Gateway

A single public HTTP entrypoint for your services. Build microservices on the backend and consolidate as a single API for the frontend

Service Discovery

Microservices are a first class citizen on the platform. Discover, call and reuse each service as a building block for the next

PubSub Messaging

Build event driven architectures using pubsub messaging. Publish, subscribe and track every event you need

See the rest of the features in the docs

Powered by Open Source

Micro is built as open source software written
with the industry standard Go programming language

Visit Github to start using Micro locally or self hosted

Be part of the journey

Get involved with others on Slack and Discord

Be part of a vibrant community of developers all learning and working together. Thousands are collaborating to build API driven services.


Learn More

For the latest news and updates check out our blog
Your new API backend for the jamstack

As the frontend has evolved towards being dominated by the Jamstack, we believe the backend also requires a fundamental shift in it’s design and consumption model.

Netlify for the frontend, Micro for the backend

Today Netlify has emerged as the modern platform for rapidly building web applications without having to worry about anything beyond your code.

Turn any blog or RSS feed into an API

An API on its own isn’t enough. There’s no content. You have to populate it yourself. So what if we made it just a little bit easier. How about we help you turn any blog, any content with an rss feed.

Micro Platform is now open to the world!

Today we’re unveiling M3O as “open to the world”. Head to the homepage and get started immediately. M3O is a fully managed cloud platform for microservices development.

Get started on a journey towards API services development today