Real time GPS location tracking and search


Send, store, and search real time GPS point data and tracking information using the location API.

  • Record and retrieve the locations of your entities
  • Perform location based search of them including filters

Build powerful map rendered views with up to the second updated points on the map.


See the features of the location service below along with related pricing details

Endpoint Description Pricing (per request)
Read Read an entity by its ID Free
Save Save an entity's current position Free
Search Search for entities in a given radius Free


Get location by ID

    "id": "1"
    "entity": {
        "id": "1",
        "type": "bike",
        "location": {
            "latitude": 51.511061,
            "longitude": -0.120022,
            "timestamp": "1622802761"

Visit the API page to get started.