Exchange rates and currency conversion


Real time currency conversion and exchange rates. Rate updates occur every 5 minutes.

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See the features of the currency service below along with related pricing details

Endpoint Description Pricing (per request)
Codes Codes returns the supported currency codes for the API Free
Convert Convert returns the currency conversion rate between two pairs e.g USD/GBP Free
History Returns the historic rates for a currency on a given date Free
Rates Rates returns the currency rates for a given code e.g USD Free


Get supported codes

    "codes": [
            "name": "AED",
            "currency": "UAE Dirham"
            "name": "AFN",
            "currency": "Afghan Afghani"
            "name": "ALL",
            "currency": "Albanian Lek"
            "name": "AMD",
            "currency": "Armenian Dram"
            "name": "ANG",
            "currency": "Netherlands Antillian Guilder"

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