A cloud native development platform

The value line in 2020: Dev vs Ops

Hat tip to my friend James Watters (@wattersjames) for teaching me about the value line.

What is the value line? The value line is how you distinguish what’s core to your business vs what you can and should outsource. In today’s world we outsource a lot of things as non-core concerns but somehow continue to blur the line when it comes to Dev and Ops.


M3O - A cloud native platform built for developers

Today we’re announcing M3O - a cloud native platform built for developers. M3O (pronounced “em-3-oh” and derived from the word M[icr]o) provides Micro as a Service so developers can focus on writing services rather than managing infrastructure. To learn more about Micro, check out our previous blog post.


What is Micro? It's just the future of microservices development.

Micro is an open source project focused on simplifying microservices development. It started life as go-micro - a Go framework for microservice development. But even before then, go-micro, was a hacked up tiny library created to enable the development of a “kubernetes as a service” project way back when in 2014 (see the first commit here).