Next GenerationCloud Platform

We are building an AWS alternative for the next generation of developers. Consume public APIs as simpler programmable building blocks for a 10x better developer experience.

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Developer friendly UX


Use one account to fulfill all your API needs. Access multiple APIs with a single API token.


Using a new API is simple - no need to learn yet another API style, it's all the same Dev UX.


Start for free. It's a simple pay as you grow model and everything is priced per request.

No Hidden Fees

Don't get lost in a sea of infinite cloud billing. We show you exactly what you use with no hidden costs.

About Us

In 2013 a few of us worked at Hailo, a ride hailing startup in London, competing against Uber and pushing hard to scale our technology. It's there we cut our teeth on AWS and the cost of cloud complexity just to ship an app.

Micro started life as an open source project to address some of those pains. That however only solved one half of the problem. It's not just the development of cloud services that's difficult, but also how they're consumed.

M3O is a new open source public cloud platform that focuses entirely on the developer experience. We're building an AWS alternative for the next generation of developers powered by Micro Services.

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M3O vs AWS

Developer Friendly
Simple to integrate
Predictable Pricing

Cloud complexity is at full throttle. What started as a promising way for developers to rapidly build scalable web services has turned into the anti pattern for the next generation. We need a faster, simpler and more affordable way to leverage services in the Cloud.

M3O was built with this in mind. To help developers 10x without dealing with the complexity of AWS. We're rebuilding the building blocks for the next generation. Higher level primitives consumed as simple public APIs.

Offer your API on the M3O platform to an expanded audience

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